Heirloom Leather

Some tooled leather belts & wallets I’ve picked up in the past couple months. Most are genuine American leather. True beauties. These things last generations and only build character with age. I especially like the ones that are hand-detailed with paint or have trim wrap detail on them. I also threw in that vintage ashtray/bowl. Sexy looking with nickel, wood, and leather detailing on it. Enjoy.

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5 responses to “Heirloom Leather

  1. I just read your blog for the first time today. I like it a lot!
    Do you share what your fav shops are and where?
    I live in Elk River, so I go to our Good Will, Salvation Army, and there is another shop called the Haberdashery. I’ve been to Unique, closer to the cities, can’t remember the location. I liked it.

    I’m a nurse, and work (part time) at the U of M Fairview Riverside. I like to stop after work sometimes at shops. I sculpt one of a kind art dolls. I live with my husband, Mr Handsome, and have three grown sons who live in the city. My oldest son is your age.

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  3. Hey Jan,

    Thanks for the kind words. I don’t disclose most of my honeyholes, but let’s just say a few of them are up in your neck of the woods 😉

  4. Your thrift finds trump mine. I have been seriously lagging in that department. Kudos.

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