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Thrifted Paintball Camouflage.

A couple of weekends ago I attended a bachelor party for a friend of mine. The plan was a day of paintball and then camping. The best man informed me that he had already went out and bought a full “camo outfit” at the army surplus store, just for the occasion. He wasn’t messing around. Now, I had never been paintballing but I know that you wear camouflage (if you want any chance at surviving the paintball welts) and that it can get pretty intense. I had a lot of unknowns going into this. Do I wear boots? Is it real paint? How bad does it hurt when you get hit? Should I wear a nut cup?! I was told to wear junky clothes because they’ll get ruined and most people just toss them after. This wasn’t true at all. The paint is non-toxic, washes out off completely and hardly shows up at all when you do get hit. Going into it with that sort of information all I knew is I wasn’t about to drop over $50 for some camouflage that I’ll  only wear once. I knew I could do better. I went to the thrift store.

Thrift stores almost always have army camouflage stuff. I see it all the time at my usual haunts. The best man paid $19.99 for his camouflage shirt and $29.99 for the stiff (unbreathable) waterproof camo pants. I found the top you see in the photos for $1.99. It’s a regular Target imprint brand t-shirt with some faded d-baggy, Ed Hardy-like griffin print or something on it, I can’t tell. Nevertheless, it fit well and the spotted camo pattern worked extremely well in our green, leafy, wooded playing field surroundings. The pants (which fit me perfect) were grabbed for $7.99. The whole outfit for under $10.

For the record I was only hit 2 times in the 3 hours we played. The milky yellow paint washed right out of both garments. I suppose I’ll have an outfit now if I ever go paintballing again, or I could use them for a Halloween ensemble or something creative.

Just another simple, resourceful solution found at a thrift store.

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Top 10 Things To Look For In A Thrift Store

OH MAN. This topic was a long time coming. I’ve had tons of requests to do a post like this for some time. So here they are. My top 10 categories I hunt for (and you should too) when I’m out junkin in the thrift stores. Ready > Set > Go!

– Belts / Jewelry

Hand-tooled, leather, faux punk, western, southern. They’re all beautiful and can fetch a pretty penny (that is, if you can stand to part with them.)

– Pottery/Vintage Ceramics/Mugs/Glasswear

Pottery is a tricky one. There’s the old stalwarts such as McCoy which I come across every so often. But pottery and ceramics are also subject specific too. If you see a glazed mini-planter with a cute little baby deer on it, odds are that somebody obsessively collects baby deer stuff and they’ll likely have to have it.

– Footwear

From special edition Air Jordans to Manolo Blahniks. They do exist out there and can turn up anywhere.

– T-Shirts

A definite personal item. I’m an admitted t-shirt junkie. I like vintage, one of a kind or ironic shirts. T-shirts store easily and don’t take up too much space. Band shirts and big name brand threads can sell quite well if in good shape. Be sure to closely inspect clothing and hold it up to an angle to the store’s lights to check for any hidden oil spots or stains.

– Records

This one is mostly self-explanatory. Thrift stores occasionally let great collections slip into their racks so you have to keep your eyes peeled. Be sure to actually inspect the vinyl itself, as 9 out of 10 times the record is incredibly beat up.

– Artwork (Vintage Oils, Screen Prints, Needleworks, etc)

My personal forte’ is artwork. Be on the lookout for original screen prints, oil paintings, lithographs, etc. This is a tricky category as you need to know about printing and reproduction practices but can be very lucrative if you master some basics. Having a smart phone with internet connection while in the store can help you quick search artists and styles, lessening the gamble.

– Jackets / Outerwear

Since I live in a (super god-damned) cold region of our country, I’m always buying outerwear. Vintage leathers, corduroys, flannels, furs can fetch a lot in consignment shops. Be sure to give them a thorough once-over before you buy. Hold them to the light and be looking for stains, tears, broken zippers/snaps, and missing pocket linings.

– Lamps, Picture Frames and Home Decor

These sell great on Etsy or even in on a regular garage sale. Be aware that they can be a bitch to store and ship though. Be sure to check for cracks in porcelain lamps and most thrift shops provide a nearby socket (and sometimes a bulb) to test out the object to see if it’s in working condition.

– Books

Another one that’s highly subjective. Whether you’re an artist and need fodder for collages, have kids, graphic designer, or just want a new pulpy read. Thrift shops can feature a great selection of literature to peruse. I’ve even found original signed copies of books by David Sedaris, Bruce Mau and Thomas L. Friedman!

– Out-of-Print Commodity Items

This could include anything from camera stands (shown) to milk crates or bottle openers. This particular topic harkens me back to my video post on how I just prefer “old sh*t that works better than the new sh*t“. You’d be surprised at how much more visceral and satisfying it is to open up a bottle of beer with an old iron bottle opener  and feel the hefty weight of it. Or maybe you’re shooting with an old Polaroid camera and shaking it to watch it develop in your finger tips.

– – – –

Please feel free to discuss and comment if you think I missed anything or any glaring category.

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