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Oh Baby.

Now that summer has loosened it’s sweaty, sticky grip, I gassed up the Volvo and  I went to the thrift stores. It felt good hitting the old spots and found some rad stuff too.

This time around I brought along my lovely girlfriend who has a 2 year old of her own. Her best friend just had a brand new-new baby. So she dropped just under $10 to get that entire stack of adorable little kiddie threads and something called a “Boppy” (shown in the pic) for her friend. That big stack of books are for her own daughter, the entire stack was less than $5 total. Some new Babar, some old Babar. Some classics for sure. I loved me some Babar as a kid. We went on a Tuesday (the best day to go thrifting.) I get asked that all the time so let me repeat for posterity:

THE BEST DAYS TO GO THRIFT STORE SHOPPING ARE TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS. It’s just a little too much to explain in-depth right now. But the topic warrants an entire post to itself, I promise you one on the topic real soon.

Some other finds are that real camouflage army jacket top ($1.99). It fits great and pairs with my last post’s camo outfit. Now I have the full creepy outfit should I ever want to become a recluse in rural Montana and hoard guns and take up a subscription to Guns & Ammo magazine. It’s only a matter of time, people. I found another vintage Lacoste shirt that was my size. I’ll probably sell it or keep it around for my occasional golf outings. For myself I scored another majestic and kitschy “Paint by Numbers” painting that looks great in my new office.

FOR THE HOMIES I scored a couple of Glasbake mugs for Mr. Kiekhafer and his infamous Glasbake mug collection. Also, picked up some tall Dansk candles. You may remember these from one of my very first posts here. They fit into those holders all fancy schmancy. Speaking of Dutch stuff, I grabbed two vintage books. One is an old school book on Minnesota’s old team the North Stars. The other is some hand-made Dutch book about a famous hotel (I think?) It’s signed on the inside and has some pretty great b+w photos in it. If anyone knows anything about it please email me!

DON’T THINK I DI-IN’T score some media. I always do. A couple CD’s including an older Trans Am disc and some limited Har Mar Superstar EP for $2 each. A Stephen Stills LP, Sade LP (don’t judge me!) and a seemingly rare Van Halen promo LP pressing from 1982. Each LP was $1.

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Thrifted Paintball Camouflage.

A couple of weekends ago I attended a bachelor party for a friend of mine. The plan was a day of paintball and then camping. The best man informed me that he had already went out and bought a full “camo outfit” at the army surplus store, just for the occasion. He wasn’t messing around. Now, I had never been paintballing but I know that you wear camouflage (if you want any chance at surviving the paintball welts) and that it can get pretty intense. I had a lot of unknowns going into this. Do I wear boots? Is it real paint? How bad does it hurt when you get hit? Should I wear a nut cup?! I was told to wear junky clothes because they’ll get ruined and most people just toss them after. This wasn’t true at all. The paint is non-toxic, washes out off completely and hardly shows up at all when you do get hit. Going into it with that sort of information all I knew is I wasn’t about to drop over $50 for some camouflage that I’ll  only wear once. I knew I could do better. I went to the thrift store.

Thrift stores almost always have army camouflage stuff. I see it all the time at my usual haunts. The best man paid $19.99 for his camouflage shirt and $29.99 for the stiff (unbreathable) waterproof camo pants. I found the top you see in the photos for $1.99. It’s a regular Target imprint brand t-shirt with some faded d-baggy, Ed Hardy-like griffin print or something on it, I can’t tell. Nevertheless, it fit well and the spotted camo pattern worked extremely well in our green, leafy, wooded playing field surroundings. The pants (which fit me perfect) were grabbed for $7.99. The whole outfit for under $10.

For the record I was only hit 2 times in the 3 hours we played. The milky yellow paint washed right out of both garments. I suppose I’ll have an outfit now if I ever go paintballing again, or I could use them for a Halloween ensemble or something creative.

Just another simple, resourceful solution found at a thrift store.

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