Thrifted Paintball Camouflage.

A couple of weekends ago I attended a bachelor party for a friend of mine. The plan was a day of paintball and then camping. The best man informed me that he had already went out and bought a full “camo outfit” at the army surplus store, just for the occasion. He wasn’t messing around. Now, I had never been paintballing but I know that you wear camouflage (if you want any chance at surviving the paintball welts) and that it can get pretty intense. I had a lot of unknowns going into this. Do I wear boots? Is it real paint? How bad does it hurt when you get hit? Should I wear a nut cup?! I was told to wear junky clothes because they’ll get ruined and most people just toss them after. This wasn’t true at all. The paint is non-toxic, washes out off completely and hardly shows up at all when you do get hit. Going into it with that sort of information all I knew is I wasn’t about to drop over $50 for some camouflage that I’ll  only wear once. I knew I could do better. I went to the thrift store.

Thrift stores almost always have army camouflage stuff. I see it all the time at my usual haunts. The best man paid $19.99 for his camouflage shirt and $29.99 for the stiff (unbreathable) waterproof camo pants. I found the top you see in the photos for $1.99. It’s a regular Target imprint brand t-shirt with some faded d-baggy, Ed Hardy-like griffin print or something on it, I can’t tell. Nevertheless, it fit well and the spotted camo pattern worked extremely well in our green, leafy, wooded playing field surroundings. The pants (which fit me perfect) were grabbed for $7.99. The whole outfit for under $10.

For the record I was only hit 2 times in the 3 hours we played. The milky yellow paint washed right out of both garments. I suppose I’ll have an outfit now if I ever go paintballing again, or I could use them for a Halloween ensemble or something creative.

Just another simple, resourceful solution found at a thrift store.

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2 responses to “Thrifted Paintball Camouflage.

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  2. Nice finds! Also, nice eybrow (in that first pic).

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