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Spring Means It’s Time For Yard Sales

Hey gang, so it’s been a few weeks since our last post. We still love you and we’re still here! Gearing up some more quality posts for you. Let’s just say we’ve been on a spring break “hiatus” but now we’re back.

My thrifting partner in crime for this blog Jess aka “Dutch Boy” is moving to Chicago in a week for some higher schoolin’. She’ll still be just as active on here but she’ll be broadcasting her thrift treasures and messages from the scene down in Chi-town. We wish her all the best!

IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME folks. We call them “garage sales” here in the upper Midwest. Whatever you want to call them, yard sales, junk sales, rummage sales, thrift sales, whatever.  It’s time for them. Doesn’t get any better. We’re equal opportunity thrifters and there’s some excellent steals to be had out there at garage sales this spring. Pictured above are some really great original manufacturer labels found on the undersides of  of the vintage card tables my Grandma brings over every year for our big sale. Those labels bring out the design geek in me. Flat, bold, simple and beautiful. Just like they should be.

If you’re having a sale this year you may remember this helpful post we did from last year: 10 Important Tips For Having A Garage Sale Get in there, brush up, and get ready.

I’ll be out and about stopping at a few sales myself. Looking for choice sides and treasures just too good to pass up. I tend to hit up a lot of the sales that have vinyl records. I’ll be militantly hunting down old soul, funk and punk 45’s like this. That track comes from the Hotpants Minneapolis Funk & Soul YouTube channel. Check them out. These guys know their funk and soul wax like none other. They spin once a month at the Bedlam. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, you should definitely hit that up and dance your ass off.

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