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10 responses to “Contact

  1. Always find great deals at a thrift store. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. hey just found your blog while trying to track down the best thirft stores in Minneapolis. Glad I did. You have some great posts and I share your passion for design and good finds. thanks for your efforts and sharing – Jess

  3. Just found you thru Karla’s site and will be back OFTEN. What a great Mpls/Thrifting blog!!

  4. hey! i took you up on your encouragement to start a blog about something you love a while back and eventually realized that i should do something for my thrift finds too! i guess for now it’s only personal finds that’ll probably make their way over to ebay, but also an opportunity to share collections before the get broke up. come visit and thanks for all your posts.
    ps my girl is from mpls and we did some thrifting after xmas without many finds. however! we did go to sr harris + others fabric spots and i’ve got to say mpls is fast becoming a fav spot for anything!

    • Hell yea. I dig all those “Midwest” shirts you found. I have quite a few for these chilly months myself, and that mug. I dig your blog too. If you ever want to film a thrift vid or write a guest post hit me up!

      • hey many thanks!
        would have responded sooner but didn’t check the comments til now. anyway, great weather here in new york and i’m takin u up on your tips for garage sale-ing, or ‘stoop sale-ing’ as it’s known out here.
        no body’s got a yard! big props and keep it coming!!!!!!!

  5. Love your blog! I happened to stumble across it and I couldnt stop reading. I think its great how you enjoy thrifting so much! Im the same way. Been a thrifting junky for years. Anyways- Keep it up!

  6. This blog. Is. Awesome. I see many hours of backlog-reading ahead 🙂

    I’m a recent thrifter (thriftee?) and have found some awesomely ugly old clothes to transform into at least semi-hip stuff. Lemme know if you want to post any before/afters of mine – I’d be happy to provide! I loves me some content-sharing.

    Keep up the blog awesomeness!

  7. I absolutely love your blog! I definitely look forward to reading your content! Keep up the awesome work!

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