Having trouble finding  a certain special something? If it’s in a thrift store, garage sale, eBay, Etsy, or wherever…  I can probably find it for you, for a small flat fee or for barter.

Let me know what to look for and I’ll keep my eyes peeled. You’d be surprised at my resourcefulness.


Phone: (763) 245.0101

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3 responses to “Consulting

  1. I provide a similar, albeit, informal service for my friends. My struggle is to not get more stuff than I need, so shopping for friends is sometimes more fun than shopping for myself because there stuff doesn’t take up residence in MY house !

  2. What a brilliant idea!

  3. Soul mates on the Internet!!! I am just starting up a similar business. I used to just give people stuff that I thought they’d like, but I’ve been encouraged to do it more “professionally”! Nice to “meet” you all.

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