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Take a glance at this Karl Rove-esque fear mongering article here.

How many people out there (whom do not have kids) will actually think twice about having a garage sale or buying an item from a thrift store that could be from pre-1985? My guess is not too many, and I sure won’t think twice. A more fitting question would be what type of jackass uniforms would the TSGSTF of “Thrift Store & Garage Sale Task Force” wear? Thoughts?

An Outing with Andy the GlasBake Guru.


I warned you about the video stuff. Here’s another video post showcasing Andy “Kiek” Kiekhafer’s growing GlasBake mug collection. I’m pretty jealous of some of those. We also spotted some other funny mugs AND some ex-raver looking chick buying that godawful ceramic pony thing for “a friend of hers” – yea right lady. Pony up to the truth, we all know you were buying it for your massive ceramic pony collection.

And since it was opening fishing weekend here in lovely Minnesota, we thought a shot of this green tackle box which someone at some point scrawled “FISH TACKLE BOX” in permanent marker on would be fitting. More stuff coming right quick so keep checking back all this week.

Thrift Outing with Austin!


I SWORE TO GOD. So I’m delivering on the goods, today, right here, right now. Here is a link to the official debut video here on TIFATTS.

Found some good treasures with my buddy Austin. He’s a seasoned thrift junker like myself. He also throws a killer standup comedy show with hand puppets, so keep an eye out for some video links of that soon. Here is a link to his Flickr page for an in-depth look at his found treasures.

My haul was smaller but definitely quality. I found that weird antique Washington D.C. date keeper thing ($1.00). Every time you flip the display to the other side it keeps up with the current date, and it’s just visually beautiful. Solid craftsmanship lasts forever folks.

Next up I scored some more Glasbake goods, 2 little “custard cups” ($.49 for the set) which I have no idea what to use them for (but I had to have them) and a nice vintage mug. I don’t know what it is about Glasbake stuff that attracts me to it so much. Do you?

Next I nabbed a stack of Make Magazines ($1.00 each), first 5-6 issues. It’s basically like Readymade magazine, except slightly tech-ier and they show you a shitload more projects. It’s based off of the semi-new Make Channel on TPT (I think).

I picked up another box of transparencies ($1.99) for my buddy Joe over at Overproof. It was his birthday this week so I took his ass out to one of my all time favorite chow spots “Pho Tau Bay”, still find myself thinking about those spring rolls. Those transparencies cost like $20-$50 a box depending on the quantity nowadays. Overproof uses them for screen printing transfers and such.

Finally, I grabbed some wax. Seger’s “Night Moves” and a B-52’s single LP ($1.00 each). Now I understand that “The Seger” can be a divisive musical conversation, not too unlike Jimmy Buffet or AC/DC so I won’t get too into it. As I age I find myself picking up more timeless albums like that Seger album and so many others I once cringed at hearing in the car with my parents.