Take a glance at this Karl Rove-esque fear mongering article here.

How many people out there (whom do not have kids) will actually think twice about having a garage sale or buying an item from a thrift store that could be from pre-1985? My guess is not too many, and I sure won’t think twice. A more fitting question would be what type of jackass uniforms would the TSGSTF of “Thrift Store & Garage Sale Task Force” wear? Thoughts?

2 responses to “THRIFT STORES… OF DOOM

  1. I read about this and it looks like the big thrift shops are doing it already, but how would they ever enforce this kind of nonsense? Another case for less government intervening in our lives. I was able to find some great old children’s books in a antique shop this weekend, so there must be some loopholes.

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