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Thrift Outing with Austin!


I SWORE TO GOD. So I’m delivering on the goods, today, right here, right now. Here is a link to the official debut video here on TIFATTS.

Found some good treasures with my buddy Austin. He’s a seasoned thrift junker like myself. He also throws a killer standup comedy show with hand puppets, so keep an eye out for some video links of that soon. Here is a link to his Flickr page for an in-depth look at his found treasures.

My haul was smaller but definitely quality. I found that weird antique Washington D.C. date keeper thing ($1.00). Every time you flip the display to the other side it keeps up with the current date, and it’s just visually beautiful. Solid craftsmanship lasts forever folks.

Next up I scored some more Glasbake goods, 2 little “custard cups” ($.49 for the set) which I have no idea what to use them for (but I had to have them) and a nice vintage mug. I don’t know what it is about Glasbake stuff that attracts me to it so much. Do you?

Next I nabbed a stack of Make Magazines ($1.00 each), first 5-6 issues. It’s basically like Readymade magazine, except slightly tech-ier and they show you a shitload more projects. It’s based off of the semi-new Make Channel on TPT (I think).

I picked up another box of transparencies ($1.99) for my buddy Joe over at Overproof. It was his birthday this week so I took his ass out to one of my all time favorite chow spots “Pho Tau Bay”, still find myself thinking about those spring rolls. Those transparencies cost like $20-$50 a box depending on the quantity nowadays. Overproof uses them for screen printing transfers and such.

Finally, I grabbed some wax. Seger’s “Night Moves” and a B-52’s single LP ($1.00 each). Now I understand that “The Seger” can be a┬ádivisive┬ámusical conversation, not too unlike Jimmy Buffet or AC/DC so I won’t get too into it. As I age I find myself picking up more timeless albums like that Seger album and so many others I once cringed at hearing in the car with my parents.