Want to advertise on the THINGS I FOUND (at the thrift store) blog? You’re on to something good… Here’s why:

Things I Found blog is a founding cornerstone of the thrifting, upcycling, and second-hand community.
• We’ve been featured in Yahoo, Antique Trader, City Pages, Metro Magazine and hundreds of other blogs & publications.
• Tens of thousands of viewers a month.
• We have thrift store bargain rates and great price breaks.
• Tantalizing click incentives and impression volume.
• We’ll be around. As the thrift and green movement grows, so have we.
• We’re pumped for the future and excited to blog about it.
• We have guest bloggers reaching a diverse community of readers.
• Aaron Draplin loves us.

Contact us here for questions, specs or analytics:
Phone: (763) 245.0101
Follow me on Twitter: @THINGSIFOUND
BECOME A FAN:  Facebook Fan Page

3 responses to “Advertise

  1. Hi,

    Love the site. Putting together marketing plan for the coming months. I would love to hear some numbers,


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