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Thinking Spring? Wrong.

SPRING IS HERE in the upper Midwest (or so we’re told)…

So if you’re a reseller like me, you know that Spring means pushing things like t-shirts, snarky beer cozies and frisbees, shorts, vintage sunglasses, my personal favorite sight-see of the summer: sundresses. But there’s an even more important aspect to all of this – the stuff you’re buying, a.k.a your inventory. The world of selling operates seasonally, and at its most elementary, on a bi-yearly, 6 month cycle. Winter and Summer, cool and warm, lighter colors and then darker colors.

OBVIOUSLY! SO WHAT? This would mean that starting now. You should be actively seeking and buying your inventory for next Fall & Winter. Nothing conveys the theory of “buy low & sell high” better than second-hand reselling. Any thrift picker worth their weight in wool, knows that the cheapest items to yank right now would be winter and cool weather goods. Also, since the vintage industry isn’t propelled by nor does it operate solely within the confines of “what’s next”, worrying about 2011/2012 trends is pointless. The stuff you should be picking is is timeless anyways – but you already knew that.  This makes Spring time a very exciting time of year. Thrift stores are practically giving their winter weather stuff away to make way for people’s continual Spring cleaning purges that they’ll be bombarded with for the next couple of months.

So when it’s getting warm and sunny outside, resist temptation to buy high and now. You have to start thinking cool.

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