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Things I Wish I Knew More About

We can’t be good at everything, but we can sure try. There’s money to be made in every niche of a thrift store. I’m not advocating becoming an expert on a ton of stuff, but knowing the basics of each category can go a long way when your sifting through those cluttered aisles. Below is a list of stuff that I wish I had time to learn more about.

– Wooden, Hand-carved, African stuff (masks, instruments)
– Dolls
– Vintage Jewelry
– Monkeywood stuff
– Vintage Footwear (cowboy boots, Nike)
– Old Books and First editions
– Handbags and Luggage
– Pottery + Glassware (other than McCoy and Pyrex)
– Fabric, Textiles + Patterns

Reader Submitted Topics (Thanks guys!)
Fishing Lures
– Holly Hobbie

What woud you consider yourself an expert in? What would you like to know more about? Anyone want to trade some knowledge?

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