Shunning the (Dusty) Digital Shelf.

We’re pumped to announce the second of two major announcements coming to the THINGS I FOUND brand.

We’ve started our own online store.

Do you like any particular object that we’ve ever posted? It’s probably for sale or going to be for sale right here. We’ll be adding more and more things all this week and as we come across them. Amazing vintage treasures at fair prices. We’ll also be adding in some THINGS I FOUND and thrift store themed schwag in the future as well.

The reason for this is because, we feel that although eBay and Etsy are necessary evils in a re-seller’s repertoire, we wanted a more focused place to showcase the types of handmade and vintage finds we feel deserve attention. Also, because I routinely get asked “what the heck do you do with all that stuff you buy/find?” Well, now you know the answer. Get shopping!

5 responses to “Shunning the (Dusty) Digital Shelf.

  1. Glad you have a store now! I love the way your product photos look with the completely white background as though they are floating. Could you tell me how you did that?

  2. Congratulations! Your store looks AMAZING and you have an excellent selection! (Enjoying storing the stuff in boxes in your apartment until it sells? Me either…)

    • Hey Van,
      One of my extra bedrooms got a little hoarder-y for a couple months, but I moved apartments and craigslisted some clothes racks and steel shelves to better organize the stuff. My new place came with a massive condo-like dry storage area downstairs so a lot of the inventory resides in there on the racks and shelves.

  3. kmb | likemybooty

    Hi! I just randomly found your website and I love it. I need to read a lot of the entries, I feel like I could gain knowledge from here.

    Congrats about starting your own selling on here! I’ve often thought about it but right now eBay kind of works for me. I’m trying my best to make buying at thrift stores & selling on eBay to be my way of funds to pay bills and such (I just barely started doing this). I want to be successful at it. Maybe you can give words of advice?

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