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How To Donate To A Thrift Store

HERE’S THE DEAL. While doing this year’s Fall cleaning, I amassed a huge box of stuff I didn’t need (and that I felt was worthy enough to donate) and let someone else enjoy. I figured a lot of readers may have never actually donated stuff or were wondering how it works. I made a quick intro video here – just in case you guys missed my ugly mug on camera.

Donating your stuff is really easy. Let’s have a look!

Step 1.) Gather the stuff you want to donate into sturdy boxes or bags. If you have glass or other breakables make sure to clearly mark and pad it accordingly.

NOTE: If you have lots of stuff, are too busy or simply cannot transport the goods to a store location yourself, most thrift stores will send some helpful volunteers with a donation truck to your house to load the goods up for you – AT NO COST TO YOU.

Step 2.) Drive to your thrift store. I usually go on a weekday or a Saturday as a lot of the thrift stores are religion-based and are not open on Sundays (their loss in my book.) The drop off spot usually varies. In my experience, it’s usually in the back or side of the store. If you’re unsure, just go inside and politely ask. They’re glad to take your donations, it’s what keeps them in business!

Step 3.) When you arrive at the “donation zone” there is usually a helper employee there to assist you and take the goods. They’re very helpful and will do all the heavy lifting for you. If they’re not standing there, you can usually knock or ring the bell and someone will assist you.Step 4.) After they take your goods, they’ll sort the goods for you. Most often they’ll ask you if you’d like a slip for a donated goods tax write-off. I usually don’t take it, but I did in this case to show you guys (pictured below). Oh and this time it came with a decent coupon and a punch card! Not too shabby.

Step 5.) You’re done! See, wasn’t that easy? Feel good knowing that your donations will get a second chance in the consumer cycle. Also, most thrift stores are tied to some pretty great charities and organizations. You donate your stuff, get a tax write off, and you appeased the thrift gods with good future thrifting karma!

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