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DO NOT WANT – Things to not buy at a thrift store.


Sorry for the lack of actual picture content of things we’ve dug up lately – I know you all love that. And I SWEAR TO GOD those video posts are coming, some real good guests and some very odd treasures found, stay tuned. We had some “vidya” camera acquisition issues with my pops, he’s a cagey one. It’s all straightened out now and we should have them up real soon.

For now here is a fun list of things you should probably never purchase at a thrift store. There are exceptions such as if it was still sealed in a package, or if you know the donator, or if you’re just super down and out and can’t afford them new, etc. If anyone has more I didn’t list please comment and I’ll add them in. (Thanks to my pal Laurie for the brainstorming help)  Take a gander:

underwear, mattresses, sheets with stains, unsealed bedding (bedbugs can lurk), books with pubes as bookmarks, any books with pubes or hair in it, books with “curious” smudges, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, floss, anything for your car engine, sex toys, anything “leaking”, old science kits, nylons, nighties, sweat pants,  baby bottles, nuks or pacifiers, old food, anything edible, computer mice, dirty blenders, dirty microwaves, flip flops, shoes with that footprint thing in it, D.J. Tanner workout shirts, XXX videos with smudgy VHS cases.