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“I would’ve named you Kingsley…”

Book update version 3.0.

Found a gold mine at a couple of the “up north” thrift stores. Out of all the books shown – none were over $2 each.  I found what I believe to be 3 of what HAVE to be the main influences for one of my favorite movies of all time, Wes Andersons’ “The Life Aquatic w/ Steve Zissou.” I mean check out those shots of Cousteau, the yellow helmet with the antennae, the baby blue diver suits, the red stocking caps, the sea lab research facility, fricking great!

Also scored some more old books with great illustrations in them, some vintage books on mammals and animals, Swedish people, a book on one of my favorite painters Mark Rothko (note: do not try to explain Rothko to your suburban parents, but if you are in NYC, just take them to the Guggenheim and the MOMA and let them experience them in person, so much easier to explain then.) I find myself defending a lot of minimalist/modern/pioneering painters which is frustrating sometimes. Some folks will rub the old “I could’ve done that” bullshit on you. Well, then… Why didn’t you? This artist is famous because they did it first. So grow up and respect it. People have been known to drop to their knees and pray/weep/smile in front of Rothko’s paintings. Find me someone who does that in front of a Norman Rockwell painting and I’ll show you a retard.

Final note/tip while we’re on the topic of art: when I attended art school a few years back supplies were extremely expensive, art school IS extremely expensive. I can’t imagine it’s getting cheaper any time soon. To all the ramen-eating art students out there, hit up a thrift shop. I’ve never NOT seen shelves full of new or hardly used sketch pads, paper, supplies, etc. I picked up the one above for $1.00 it apparently used to be belong to a gal named Sue Holmstrom. Thanks Sue!

More soon –