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1 Year Anniversary Post!

Ladies and gentleman, IT’S ALREADY BEEN 1 FULL YEAR since starting this blog! Can you believe it? It’s been really fun so far. Some humble advice ¬†– start a blog, any blog about the subject or activity that interests you. It’s just that easy.

So as a mini-self-celebration of this blog I hit up a Salvation Army store. I never notice that they have a particular color tag sale every day but today was a good day. I quickly found these 3 great mugs and brought them to the register for purchase. The man ringing me up mumbled something joyful about my tags being yellow and long story short – all 3 mugs ran me a whopping $1.14, no lie. There’s that colorful hot air balloon ceramic mug that I posted on Etsy for sale here. The other 2 mugs were my favorite GlasBake/Pyrex. One says “Sale Away” (intentional grammar mistake?) and the other one (my personal favorite) is a vintage 70’s one with a nice light peanut butter color and symmetrical floral design on it. In fact, the pattern on the mug reminds me of one of my favorite artists Dan Funderburgh.

Cheers to all my thifting peeps, and thanks for reading this blog and all of your support.

Second Runway

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Photos pinched from Lauren Gantner.

This past Saturday I attended the Second Runway ’09 fashion show at the Goodwill store & Warehouse off of University in St. Paul. It was packed in there come showtime with standing-room-only and apparently it was sold out to legal capacity. All of the designs shown where donated by the designers for an auction immediately afterward. Rumor has it that the gig raised a crapload of cash for the organization. It was a good time had by all, it was especially great because the stipulation for the designs is that all 20 selected designers had to use only goods¬† purchased from Goodwill Stores to promote going green and sustainable lifestyles.

Hence the reason for this post. Since I can remember I get sweaty palms and my brain’s synapses fire rapidly with ideas for stuff to re-purpose immediately upon entering any thrift store, it just makes sense. Inspiration is everywhere but it’s there in piles of it at any thrift store – GET IN THERE. The designer’s clothes themselves were very cool, a smattering of a lot of different styles. My friends Tim & Thom Navarro had incredible pieces and theirs were obviously my favorites. Look for them to break out in 2009 and become a household fashion name synonymous with green ethics and killer designs. They also have a new website launching this year. I’ll post when it launches.

On a side note: I always thought Goodwill was just another religious-based organization similar to the Salvation Army. However, I was surprised to find out that it’s proceeds go towards helping put disadvantaged folks and folks with disabilities back to work. I can definitely get with that.

Mark your calendars for 2010’s Second Runway show and be sure to check Goodwill’s site for similar fun events throughout the year.

– Keep on thriftin’

Secret Shopper


Many of you have asked where the best spots are and to be honest, I feel its a personal decision based upon what the person is hunting for or prefers. Some of the thrift store chains are meticulously organized, and some are a helter-skelter heap of self-digging pleasure. I personally prefer the less organized stores like Salvation Army. Salv-Army has a small amount of organization but in general its more “clumped” sections of stuff, and this works just fine. Some of the larger chains like (Unique) are completely unorganized aside from their clothing sections. Unique has items spewing randomly from aisles that almost inundate the person’s eyes with shit. This random smattering of choices has made me literally pass through a Unique Thrift aisle 8x and missed certain items, junk store visual overload I tell you. That type of searching is a little too unorganized for me.

I’ve been to thrift stores in almost every state in the USA. Are there thrift stores up in Alaska? If there is – I bet they’re killer. Someday I’ll maybe make the trek. Some of my favorites are in S. California, Massachusetts, and right here in good old Minnesota. Some of the best spots in Minnesota are the ones up north. Here’s a great audio article link from MPR with “thriftstore aficionado” and Moorhead poet Kevin Zepper (pictured above with tacky snow globe).

Before you go, it’s POLL TIME again. Please keep in mind that the options are mostly local MN chains, but there is an option to add in your own answers. We’re excited to hear about some new hotspots! Take the poll, you know you want to.