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ReadyMade Magazine “Gets It”

Another great and quick article about thrifting your holiday gifts on ReadyMade Online, check it out here. I should note that ReadyMade is one of the 2 print subscriptions I still militantly swear by. Hell, give them a subscription to ReadyMade AND a thrifted item, double whammy.

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“I Knew A Man Bookjangles and He Read For You.”

I did a book post a few months back, so it’s about time I divulge my most recent absorptions. Let me start by saying that since graduating school a few years ago, I’ve had a lot more time to enjoy a good book. I average I’d say about a book every 2-3 weeks, or about 12-15 books a year. After you’re forced to read and write and sweat for grades in college you really do have to almost re-train yourself to enjoy reading for readings’ sake again.

All of the books pictured were purchased for under $2.99 (most were $.99 – 1.99). I’ll admit that being a visual person and a graphic designer, that it is indeed the book cover or spine that first attracts me to check out a book in a thrift store. I judge books by their covers. But aside from a pretty cool cover there are a few that fulfill two needs, like that 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea I picked up. A literary sin having never read it I know (and I will soon enough) but check out that cover and illustrations, so cool.

There were a few other visually stimulating books I picked up, like that Indian book, a book on Minneapolis’ new Guthrie Theater book, and a couple books on Crime & Punishment. The crime books feature nice illustrations and some totally gruesome content that has always fascinated me. It’s funny how only a few decades can make a bunch serial killers the butt of a volume of crime books. I’m a pretty liberal person and laugh at inappropriate times a lot. But sometimes I ponder how long it will take before 9-11 or the 35-W bridge collapse will be laughable coffee conversation material.

To wrap up I found some other misc books and mags. I found an old blank record book, not too unlike them ever-popular “Field Notes” books or those Moleskines. I also gnabbed a classic Dylan On Dylan Bob Dylan book, a stack of Readymade and Dwell magazines, a guilty pleasure of mine – an entrepreneurial/small biz book.

The Book Man, He Drives The BookMobile.

Remember the BookMobile or Book Orders back in school? Both brought the books to you. Also, what sort of mileage do you suppose the BookMobile got? A box of my hardcover books must weigh close to 50-60 lbs, that bus must’ve weighed tons.  I always wondered why the paper for the book orders had to be so tissue thin, was it really that expensive to print on some regular stock or at least Sunday circular type of paper?

Anyways, I thrifted some more books. Books are probably the most common thing I buy per volume – excluding drinkable things like energy drinks. Here’s my latest finds all picked up for under $2.99 ea: