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Eco-Pioneer Readings and Thrifting at a Flea Market.

Hey folks, it’s been an good thrifting month. I hit up that new Savers store (again) in Apple Valley and a really great flea market in Medina, MN (next to the famous Medina Ballroom.) Fall always gets me thinking about nature and green stuff turning different colors, chlorophyl, all that leafy kind of stuff. In high school ecology class we read Aldo Leopold’s “A Sand County Almanac.” Man, that book messed up my head real good. If you want to learn more about the basic facets of the green movement from one of the cornerstone founding fathers of ecology I’d suggest you read Leopold’s publishing’s. That very Sand County he’s talking about happens to be right where I grew up. I picked up that hardcover biography on him for $2.99. It has lots of great old photos and insider stuff about his life. An odd time to grow up if you ask me. Simpler times, in  a lot of ways – must’ve been pretty nice.

Also picked up another classic from one of my favorite authors Jack Kerouac. The only title I didnt have from him for $1.99. OH and a rad old copy of an ecology textbook/manual that has the best illustrations in it. FREE IDEA FOR ALL YOU SNAKES: Someone should take these old diagrams and print them on t-shirts, this is something I would definitely buy. Just the diagrams, no lame quotes, no Brooklyn hipster day-glo graffiti splatter bullshit, just smart, interesting shirts for nerds and designers (arguably the same thing).

Also, check out the random old product pics I shot at the flea market. WAYYY too much cool graphic designy stuff at those things. Picked up that big plastic seed filler thing for $2 flat, don’t ask what I’m gonna use it for – it’s still a secret. WE FOUND that “Game Of the States” for $5, offered the jabba-the-hut looking vendor guy $3 but he wouldn’t take it or counter offer so I bought it anyways. It has some killer graphics on it and is sorta fun to play. Flea markets are interesting venues. Expect a sole blog post about the basic tenets of thrifting at a flea market real soon. You all should just go take a look at the place yourself. Its about 15 mins west on Hwy 55 from the Twin Cities, hell, theres even a meat raffle. The flea market goes all summer and ends in late October or as one of the old lady vendors put it  “until it gets pretty cold ya know”.

Speaking of green things, Oregon – I’ll see you real soon.

Oregon, my 2nd favorite state.

Found these beauties today at my favorite thrift spot. Hey blog reader did you know Holly Grape is Oregon’s state flower? Hardly seems like a flower, more like, well, … a grape. It’s from 1959. The other is from The Grotto, some huge weird Catholic shrine(s) in Portland. Catholics sorta creep me out sometimes – no offense. I guess these state plate things intrigue me as a designer. The text, imagery, and what they choose to emphasize per state is sort of funny in some ways. Hey at least I’m not into Hummel figurines. The metal black one set me back a whole $.99 cents. The gorgeous ceramic pink w/ inlay one ran $1.99.I’ve been getting a lot of omens and hints lately that maybe Stumptown is a very near future living destination for me. Has anyone ever moved an animal cross-country by vehicle? Is it easy? Tips? Poor Wynstynnn’s probably going to piss in his kitty kennel.