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Will You Take the Pledge?

SO IT’S BLACK FRIDAY AGAIN. The busiest shopping day of the year. A day that annually, makes me a little queasy. I could go on a long Adbusters-esque, anti-consumerism rant right here, but I’ll save it for some other time. I’ll keep it positive and proactive. With that said,  I’m personally challenging all of you to take my pledge this year.

Please pledge to: Thrift, make, upcycle or donate one (or more) gifts this year.

It’s just that easy. Please leave a comment on this blog, on our Twitter or our Facebook fan page saying “I ACCEPT!” Together, we can all help chip away at the taboo of having to buy new stuff every year.

This campaign will help you not only get in contact with your relatives and loved ones, but it will also make you feel great. Does your Uncle Jim like plaid lumberjack shirts? Find out his size and go thrift him a couple of awesome ones. Are you good at drawing, knitting, painting, screenprinting? Make something uniquely rad like my friend Dajana does here. Those frames her prints are in? Go thrift those too. You get the idea…

I’m not advocating “re-gifting”, that’s missing the point. I’m advocating taking the time and skills I know all of you have to make or hunt down something unique and memorable without having to spend a ton this holiday season. If you haven’t got the time or skills, you can still play a big part by donating to your local thrift store or to a great cause. Here’s a few of my personal favorites. The Acumen Fund / Animal Humane Society / Kiva.org

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