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Common Cents.

I’ve been seeing a ton of headlines and articles like these lately. Pulled this one off of Yahoo’s main page. For a second it made me panic that I’d have some new competition in my local haunts, but then realized I shouldn’t worry as not a lot of people are hunting for the same shit that I am, nor are there many people hunting in my rural hotspots. All in all, its a good thing for all of us and a middle-finger to hyper-consumerism.

My friend from Germany once told me that Europe doesn’t really have thrift stores or garage sales, she said they also don’t consume as much stuff, but she didn’t really know where it all went. She speculated a lot of it gets donated/shipped to eastern Europe/Russia and China, no joke.

It baffles me why we only seek deals and¬†exercise¬†frugality during “tough” economic times. It also makes me laugh when I think about when I have a family of my own – will I be THAT dad who insists we only buy/repair or recycle used stuff first? My kids will hate me for it but after college they’ll apologize to me during a lunch I’ll make them pay for and ultimately thank me for having turned them into the cool kids all along. Then they’ll buy me an electric (by then they will be) powered luxury Cadillac.