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Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store: A Quick Chat With Katrina

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AS I PROMISED TO DELIVER MONTHS AGO – This week we come correct with a quick video treat for you all! We caught up with store manager Katrina Haugen who runs uptown Minneapolis’ newest thrift store sensation: Buffalo Exchange.  Katrina gives us some quick insight into opening, running, and operating a thrift store. She also gives us some good advice from a first hand thrift enthusiast. Before the interview (which takes place outside the store) we checked out the shop and found it to be suuuper organized, clean, and it has a great selection and variety of items. Literally something for everyone (yes, even dudes.) They have shoes, sweaters, pants, buttons, pins, costumes, wigs, artwork, etc.  They also buy quality items on the spot.You can check out their website here for more details, or follow them on Twitter: @buffaloexchange

Check out the VIDEO INTERVIEW and be sure to stop in and say hello to Katrina!