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5 Stores, 4 Weeks, 50 Photos. This Is How We Summer Thrift Shop.

Here it is, my haul from the past few weeks. Basically gonna be one of my biggest summer hauls of all time. Too many things to elaborate intensely on. One vintage item I always seem to find (and buy) are those old video cameras, so cool, so sleek & sexy. Check out the pics below for more angles. Stay tuned for some more actual video posts coming soon. It’s hard to pin folks down in the Summer season but WE WILL SOON DELIVER MORE VIDEO GOODNESS.

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So many incredible books, informational science books, vintage children’s books, classic MN magazines with some pretty stellar ads in them. No book was more than $2.00. Graphic design folks out there know how giddy we get when we discover an old magazine or book with killer visuals in it.

Dug up a neat old picture frame ($1.99), some old LP’s ($.50 ea) Conway Twitty is the man. That “I see the want to in your eyes” track is an all-time fav, no lie. He’s such a cocky bastard, it must be the hair. Oh and don’t forget that old beer/wine mirrored sign which I will eBay soon grabbed it for ($3.99).

Also grabbed some old artsy & stationary stuff: a stack of Utrecht tracing paper ($1.49), a ream of black construction paper ($.99), an old trusty Speedball pen and ink set ($1.99), some block printing ink($.49), check out that foldout pen tip poster that came with it. Found a set of  Testors enamels – I’m gonna possibly try to enhance my old 63′ Schwinn Typhoon with some detailing.

In the random category we found some more really beautiful jars for terrariums ($.99 ea) – now that the moss is in full swing. ANOTHER game of Rummikub for a friend of mine ($2.99), if you’ve never played Rummikub you really should, its addicting and fun as hell. Spotted another Glasbake mug, this one should make Glasbake guru Mr. Andy Kiekhafer pretty jealous. If you missed our video post on Glasbake check it out here.

I’M NOT ABOVE ACCESSORIZING. Yea so what I bought some pants and a couple great hand tooled belts, they’re hard to come by. The punker kid in me still loves dark gray wool pants. I live in the Midwest they go with everything and make me yearn for Fall weather. It’s rare to find some designer ones in my size and that don’t have those stupid pleats. The belts were a couple bucks each and the pants were $2.

That Minnesota magazine with all the vintage ads, that Herman Miller book find and that Oregon state plate was purely to make Aaron Draplin jealous. That’s my 4th Oregon plate find and not a fucking clue what I’m gonna do with them all. Rumor has it he’s about to embark on the WORLD’S LONGEST YARD SALE in early August. Shit that sounds like a good time, godspeed sir.

Summer is a great time to check out the yard sales and dodge the heat in the thrift stores. I suggest you get in there and if you’re traveling try to seek out some thrift shops that are off the beaten path, there’s tons of treasures to be found out there.

Swedish Centerfold.

BIG UPDATE here people, I’ve admittedly been slacking a little on posts but hopefully this will make up for that.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting early next week I’ll be posting the first of a few video blogs I’ve filmed about particular topics that people have inquired about. Are you ready?

Also, an early shout-out to Austin Gullixson aka “A-GUX” or “Awesome-stin” for being a loyal TIFATTS reader and commenter. Austin is a master puppeteer, collage-maker, designer and a known thrifter round these here parts, let’s get you in a TIFATTS video interview real soon. Check out his work and his great Flickr page here.

Do you see all of my recent treasures? Take a good long look, get jealous. Sorry for some of the shitty photos, I have no real excuse other than wanting to hurry and show you folks these finds.

To start I scored the perfect ironic white trash/eagle/U-S-A!/Thunder t-shirt for $1.50, (it literally says “THUNDER” on the back). You can bet your ass that’s gonna be my shirt of choice come the 4th of July this year. Also in the t-shirt category I randomly found another of a shirt I already own and love – Spunk Design Machine’s “10 Year Takedown Anniversary” shirt. I actually went to that a couple years ago. Upon entering Spunk’s open house/studio there was Spunk schwag splayed around for guests to take home, Jeff Johnson had the bbq going, the Grain Belts were abundant and chilled, and the Tank Goodness cookie folks there making fresh cookies. I also randomly remember the possibly classy trays of unopened packs of smokes and cigars scattered about in circular patterns like from the 1920’s or something, let’s face it – the man knows how to throw a shindig. I’m eagerly awaiting the 20 year bash. Check out Jeff’s new side-project “Design Smoke” where he candidly interviews (while smoking cigars of course) interesting designers and folks with engaging stuff to say.

Some more good literature was also unearthed: Pulitzer Prize-winning (and native Minnesotan) Thomas L. Friedman‘s book “The World Is Flat.” It’s in my queue of books piling up to be read soon. Old books always interest me, especially ones that I know my Swedish grandmother would fawn over. Check out how old some of those are, 1920’s with centerfold pull outs of old maps and shit. Each Swedish book ran me $1.60 thanks to a colored tag sale I was unaware of today. Talk about good timing and destiny. Also scored an old stamp collector’s book and some of my favorite magazine publications.

Moving along we have a vintage 60’s Glasbake cake/pie stand (for my sweetie). It has that cool, creamy, smooth Glasbake look and feel and is embellished with little gold Fleur patterns. I’ve always wanted to make one of those domed white cakes with the cherry in the top center, and now I can. It’ll look real June Clever on that killer cake stand. The cake stand was $2.49. I’ve always had a thing for Glasbake’s esthetically pleasing texture and vintage designs. Here’s a nice Flickr set collection of more Glasbake goods.

Speaking of the 60’s I scored a slew of old mint-condition 45’s from a few folks you may have heard of… and a rare LP from another oldie but goodie, very under-appreciated 70’s and 80’s New Zealand band Split Enz. Check out that laser etching and Promo-Only packaging. Fans of Ted Leo would really dig their stuff. He’s heavily influenced by them and it shows. The LP was $3.50 and the 45’s were each fifty cents.

On the digital side of music I scored a stack of rare CD singles for $1.99 each from the cd box, which I never ever really check when I’m in a thrift store because it’s usually a huge waste of time. But this time it was like a gold mine. Dianogah, Indian Summer (silkscreened packaging), Atom & His Package (very rare w/ zine and all inserts included), Three Penny Opera, At The Drive-In, Panthers, and a Chi-town fav of mine – Joan of Arc.

To wrap this up we’ll leave you folks with a randomness theme: I nabbed an old Scotch brand magnetic 1/4″ tape reel in it’s sealed packaging (until I unsealed it to look inside). Also found a oldie but goodie, an old adjustable Kodak camera stand ($.49). I’ve already been using the thing left and right to make the aforementioned “webisodes.” As a recovering graphic designer, its this kind of packaging gets me just giddy. Eat your heart out Aaron Draplin. More random was finding a mug ($.99) from my hometown with the old logo on it. CR pride, I guess. It’s going to be used as a pencil and scissor corral on my desk.

Thanks for looking at my finds and get out there and find some of your own, and remember to check frequently as there are big things to come from TIFATTS.