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Oregon, my 2nd favorite state.

Found these beauties today at my favorite thrift spot. Hey blog reader did you know Holly Grape is Oregon’s state flower? Hardly seems like a flower, more like, well, … a grape. It’s from 1959. The other is from The Grotto, some huge weird Catholic shrine(s) in Portland. Catholics sorta creep me out sometimes – no offense. I guess these state plate things intrigue me as a designer. The text, imagery, and what they choose to emphasize per state is sort of funny in some ways. Hey at least I’m not into Hummel figurines. The metal black one set me back a whole $.99 cents. The gorgeous ceramic pink w/ inlay one ran $1.99.I’ve been getting a lot of omens and hints lately that maybe Stumptown is a very near future living destination for me. Has anyone ever moved an animal cross-country by vehicle? Is it easy? Tips? Poor Wynstynnn’s probably going to piss in his kitty kennel.

The Book Man, He Drives The BookMobile.

Remember the BookMobile or Book Orders back in school? Both brought the books to you. Also, what sort of mileage do you suppose the BookMobile got? A box of my hardcover books must weigh close to 50-60 lbs, that bus must’ve weighed tons.  I always wondered why the paper for the book orders had to be so tissue thin, was it really that expensive to print on some regular stock or at least Sunday circular type of paper?

Anyways, I thrifted some more books. Books are probably the most common thing I buy per volume – excluding drinkable things like energy drinks. Here’s my latest finds all picked up for under $2.99 ea:

October ’08

Hey folks, I found some pretty cool stuff so far this Fall. I was ecstatic to find the Braid 2-disc edition w/ special packaging “Movie Music Vol. 1 & 2” sets for .99 (even though I owned them already individually.) Braid has been my all-time favorite band since about 1999 when I first heard their track “New Nathan Detroits” on the Nowcore! compilation, put out on K-Tel records. My pal Rustle and I even followed them 2 tour dates in the Midwest. Who forfeits Braid cd’s to thrift stores? I’d like to have a stern talk with them…

“FOUR THRIFT STORE SCORES and SEVEN DAYS AGO…” Says honest Abe. I found another Avon brand Abe Lincoln aftershave holder from the 1970’s(?) I’m presuming. I have plans some day to spray paint them both silver and use them as book ends or to flank my bathroom vanity. These are pretty common to find, but they’re near and dear to my heart as the aftershave smell always lingers in these and reminds me of my Grandfather. After 35 years in a bottle you’d think it’d smell rancid, but it smells great – what the hell was in the ingredients back then? Probably straight bourbon, nuclear waste water, and saccharin.

I also found a store that has TONS of blank solid colored t-shirts, I picked up a stack of about 12 for $.99 each. Take THAT American Apparel! My plan is to have my friend screen print my eco-friendly startup companies’ logo on them and give them out as recycled chic swag and promotionals.

Other finds include some books ($.99 ea) by some of my favorite authors, really cool vintage dutch Stelton brand candle holders ($.99) in their exquisitely designed original box, and a massive (screwdriver placed to show scale) old polaroid land camera ($7.99). How “Wes Anderson-esque” is that thing? The case is my favorite part as it has all of it’s original documents and it smells like sweet tarts.