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Shrimp Boils, Owls, and BBQ’s.


bbq shrimp_boil2 owls

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Here in the upper-middle-western states we get approximately 23 days of tolerable weather, so I’ve been taking full advantage of all the BBQ’s, bonfires, and drinkies that I can. Check in all week because we have a HUGE post coming tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest – I swear to gawd. We spent the entire weekend lurking the thrift shops. Lots of great found treasures.

In the meantime, the shots from above are a glimpse of how we’ve been spending some of our summer evenings. Looks good does it not? Oh and all of you owl fanatics out there. There’s a thrift shop on the fringe of the Twin Cities metro area that has a shitload of owl kitsch, an owl shelf if you will (First 3 owly people to message me on here or Twitter: @JPeddycoart can know the exact locale.) The pic above was only about half of the owl ephemera they had. “Am I not owly enough for your owl club?”…

That reminds me of a cute little favorite vintage owl themed coffee shop of mine in the warehouse district off of 1st ave north called Janine’s, stop in and get up to get down.