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Trivet Pursuit with Ben Franklin and Berggren.

Hot Summer, hot finds, hot plate holders folks. Check it out: Picked out a few random wall hangings for $2.99 each. A tacky elk in the forest looking one, and a Ben Franklin (B-Frankz or Frankie Hundo) as I like to call him, cast iron. I’m gonna keep the Ben Franklin one for my garage or laboratory someday. He was a man of so many trades. The original multi-tasker if you ask me.

The only thing I saw but didn’t buy from the picture set above is that chalk. Designers know good design when we spot it  – and that old chalk package is a beauty. I also picked up some books (6.99 each) from Half Price Books. I once got into an argument as to whether or not Half Price Books should count as a thrift store. I’m pretty sure I won the argument by asking “do they sell new books?” Nope. All used and that’s why it counts. Good deals in there if you catch them. Nice spot to poke around for vinyl and cd’s too. The ladies love a burly, flanneled man, so that hipster shithead lumberjack shirt was a must-have in my closet ($2.99).

Finally, I grabbed that calligraphy set complete with a bunch of ink wells that were never opened. I still have a ways to go on my craft, clearly. My favorite find of the lot was the stainless steel table trivet. It’s got that elegant but durable, early 70’s (or 60’s?) look and feel to it that I dig a ton and it’s expandable too, for them big pots & pans. Gentleman readers, if you don’t know what a trivet is, now you do. Impress your gal during your next dinner date at home with you newfound terminology.  To round out the table gear I picked up that set of Scandinavian dish set for my mom ($6.99). She collects that particular style of 60’s Swedish Berggren Trayner stuff, so I gnab it when I see it, which isn’t too often.

It’s hot outside, so get inside the thrift stores!

Jess is still kickin and throwin down at Columbia in Chicago. She sent me this video which made me once again, want to go through everything I own and sell it in fear of ever becoming like one of these hoarder/collector weirdos. Take a look: Beanie Baby Craze.

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