Mom’s Finds

HEY PALS, I’M BAAAACK! The holidays usually take a rough toll on my blog posting frequency, but fret no more – for here’s a few sparkly fresh batches of THINGS I FOUND (at the thrift store).

Being home meant spending some time with the family and seeing MOM. She’s the one to thank for my resourcefulness, street smarts and she’s responsible for introducing me to thrift stores at a young age. I found her those 2 Berggren Trayner pieces for her ever-growing collection of his stuff (shown above). The other pics are stuff SHE picked up on a joint thrifting venture over the holiday weekend. She scooped that odd but beautiful handmade vase. It has a really cool finish on it with a bunch of changing colors, the photos truly don’t do it justice! My guess is it’s probably been Raku fired. She’s got a good eye for photo stuff too. All I can say is Austin Gullixson now has some in-town competition regarding vintage Polaroid stuff now, watch it A-Gux! All of these finds were $2.99 or less.

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6 responses to “Mom’s Finds

  1. It was great fun thrifting with you. I also found those vintage homemade Xmas balls. We need to thrift together more often. We make a great team. You teach me about your expertise and I teach you mine. This is the greatest blog!

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  3. I love those Scandinavian pieces. Gorgeous.

  4. Oh Polaroid! I just dug my old camera out of my closet and have been searching high and low for Polaroid film and equipment.

    That vase is interesting to look at. Not something you see everyday.
    Great finds!

    PS: I’d love to get my mom out to the thrift with me. But it’s just “not her thing.” Oh well, at least I have my sister to thrift with!

  5. Mom’s collection is AWESOME. I saw a few from that Scandinavian set at the flea market last weekend.

  6. Digging the mom finds!

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