Design Inspiration On A Snowy Day


The designer in me is always spotting vintage graphic gems in the thrift stores. On a snowy hibernation day like this, when i’m glued to my computer designing stuff they come in handy. They can be found on almost anything. I have an soft spot for the ones I find on vintage hardware and packaging goods.

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4 responses to “Design Inspiration On A Snowy Day

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  2. I always have to bring a camera with me to capture these old gems. My favorite one pictured here is “White Whale”. Love the one line at the bottom to show the ocean.

  3. Nicely designed finds! Those tape reels are so sweet & I’m such a sucker for Dayton’s logo.

  4. Those tape reels are awesome – I always have a camera with me when I go out thrifting but I’m always too embarrassed to take photos – I’m sure someone will tell me off! Stupid huh?

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