Falling Into Place

Just wanted to drop a quick post to show you all the sweet audio candy I’ve scored this past month. (This is just the compact discs!) This entire stack of goodness ran me under $6 total, or about .75 each! You can’t find this stuff any cheaper unless you’re stealing them.

From the top left to bottom right:

– Har Mar Superstar – “Insound Tour Support” EP
– The Aggrolites – “Reggae Hit L.A.”
– Soviettes / Valentines –  “Split EP”
– Trans Am – “Red Line”
– New Order – “Get Ready”
– Pavement – “Slanted & Enchanted” (Double disc w/ artwork)
– Peter Bjorn & John – “Writer’s Block”

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2 responses to “Falling Into Place

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  2. I hope you tell us soon why you’ve written that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to shop thrifts. Does that advice apply anywhere in the U.S. or only your area?

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