Sad Ass Mailbox

So I needed a new mailbox. Having no clue how much mailboxes cost I started looking online at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menard’s websites. My research divulged that for an average metal mailbox the average price was about $35 and went up from there. I said to myself “screw that noise”. I went to the thrift stores.

The old one was just plain sad. Look at it. Truly the laughing stock of 16th Ave. The handle was a sharp, rusted bolt that I imagine must’ve scraped the postal workers’ wrist open a few times. The door (when it was attached) was held on by twist ties I salvaged from our bread bags. This solution was short lived and kept breaking. So I went out and hunted a new one. I’ve seen the occasional mailbox at the thrift stores now and again, but you just don’t care when you’re not looking for them. At the third store I stopped at I found one. 30% off that day. Ended up costing me $7.50 total. HALLELUJAH! Was it pretty? Nope. It was missing some paint here and there but structurally it was intact. It was huge, strong, black and perfect for what I needed. It was the Darth Vader of mailboxes. Hell yea. It was missing its red flag, so I took the flag off of the old sad mailbox and put it on the new one since they’re all universal. BAM. Almost good as new.

Just another simple, resourceful solution found at a thrift store.

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9 responses to “Sad Ass Mailbox

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  2. My local Goodwill had a bunch of used mailboxes recently. Must have been from a rental house upgrades or something. They were used, but still not in bad shape; as you said structurally sound. I think they were priced around $10. And if you have any spare paint lying around the shed you could give them your own style and make them look like new!

  3. Beats paying $35 for a damn mail box. A little paint and she’ll be a sleek sexy one again. I’d paint crazy things on my mailbox if I had one. But I’m a tad insane…

  4. Now you just need to spray paint it! It will look like new!

  5. From sad-ass to bad-ass! Spray paint it yellow.

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  7. As I read this I presently have no mailbox. The box itself is usuable, but ugly, but the post rotted away. The newspaper tube is on the same post and a very chagrined paper carrier knocked on my door profusely apologizing for “breaking” my mailbox. It was his first day and as he slid the paper into the tube the mailbox smashed to the ground scaring the paper man half to death. Fortunately last year I had bought myself a BD gift, a larger shiny new mailbox for around $30. I thought that was a lot but I am seeing the price of mailboxes rise and rise.
    You can paint your mailbox or wallpaper it, or faux rust treatment it.
    Maybe I will resell my old box to pay for a new post.

  8. Can of spray paint is only 98 cents at Walmart. That little lady needs a new black dress…and the flag…why not paint that too?

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