Gifts for the Thrift Gods

So according to the great “Without Dash” thrift blog, it’s Declutter Week. Which is exactly what I’ve been focusing on intensely for the past week or so. It feels really good to reclaim space and streamline your possessions. Pair all that with an oncoming cross-country move, you can say I’ve got some things that need to go. Sometimes it can be tough to make the decisions about particular objects, but a couple glasses of wine and some angsty fuck-it-all type of music can help a person add to their “Donate/Sell” stack. At one point just a few years ago my goal was to be able to fit all of my earthly belongings “in the back of a pickup truck.” Well, it’s been a few years and although it’d be fairly close, my queen-sized bed, dresser and Blu Dot table make the truckbed notion not really possible anymore. The Spring garage sale last month helped get some MAD SCRILLA for a lot of my stuff, but it’s wishful thinking to assume every last item on your sale will sell. So a person is usually left with a couple boxes of stuff that didn’t (or won’t ever) sell. This is where I like to think of all that “paying it forward” business comes in. Any good thrifter knows that all of his or her luck is dependent upon how much you give back. It’s a very fine balance, folks. So this weekend I intend to donate quite a bit of stuff, (a Volvo 850 series wagon full to be exact) just a portion of it is pictured above to the local thrift store of my choice. A gift for the thrift gods, in hopes that they keep my eyes sharp and the deals even sharper when I’m out on the junkin’ hunt.

So with that said – have you donated anything lately?

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4 responses to “Gifts for the Thrift Gods

  1. I’ve been decluttering for nearly a week straight. My life is chaos right now, but I can’t wait for the liberation that comes with letting go of excess junk (and being able to find things I’m looking for- that will be amazing!) Until then, boxes are strewn everywhere. Dammit, everywhere. Thanks for this inspiring post. I think I’ll fill my little Suzuki to the brim with items for the Thrift Gods, too! A heady sacrifice to appease the mighty ones.

  2. It is CRITICAl to keep the thrift gods appeased with regular gifts. Along the same vein, I also like to keep the freecycle gods appeased as well. If I do not keep the thrift gods fed, then I cannot find any name brand children’s clothes in my kids size. In fact, they taunt me by showing me only beautiful, excellent condition designer clothes that are 2 sizes too small for my kids.

    Decluttering ? Oh yes.
    I participate in a kids clothing consignment sale, which was 6 weeks ago. All my leftovers went into my yard sale and I added lots of household things to the yard sale which was 4 weeks ago. Yard sale leftovers were divided into two piles: freecycle and try to sell of Craigslist. The freecycle pile is gone and I’m working my way through the craigslist pile.

  3. Man! Where are you donating that stuff?! I see some real gems that I’d like to get my paws on.

  4. Thanks for reading and mentioning my blog. I wrote the declutter posts last year though. But a yearly declutter week is not a bad thing. It has been a year for me and without noticing it myself it is this week that I have started again. It must be in the air!!

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