Thrift iPhone Wallpaper

This was simply worth a quick post of its own. Gal named Elsa (I like that name) made a really sweet iPhone wallpaper design for her blog, for free. Download that shit and spread it. I’m rocking it on my 3G as I type this. I’m going to do some hardcore freedom thrifting and hopefully I’ll film some new videos for you folks this weekend. This will be a reminder to THRIFT HARDER. Thanks Elsa!

Also, I receive a ton of emails and comments from this blog (and I read each and every one). But this email stood out. Her name is Renee and she repurposes these awesome old trays that I see by the dozens at thrift stores – into hanging clip frames, take a look.


3 responses to “Thrift iPhone Wallpaper

  1. NOW THIS…makes me wish I had an Iphone just so I could add this bad boy to it. I need to find a way to add this to my cheap prepaid for thrifty inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us1

  2. Thanks for the post, glad to inspire some thrifting!

  3. You can look for lots of wallcoverings here on this website, wallcoverings from all over the world and they create from images as well.
    Duvar Kagidi

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