Top Things To Donate To A Thrift Store

It takes a horrible disaster like Haiti’s earthquake for us to witness and process the heart-wrenching images of people who had very little before – and now have nothing. It’s been blasted in our face for the past 2 weeks, but please also consider donating money to any of the worthy aid organizations that are active in Haiti. Here are a couple of my favorites: or text “Haiti” to 90999.

So ever since I’ve been a thrifter, every January/February/March I’ve always noticed that the thrift stores are super picked over and empty. Be it the cold weather or just that lull before everyone cracks in on their spring cleaning/purging regimen, I’d like to remind everyone that mid-Winter to early-Spring is the slowest season for thrift stores. Your donations are the lifeblood of their business. With that said, please consider digging around your house and making a carpool trip to donate some of those unwanted holiday gifts, and stuff that you don’t need anymore. Who knows, you may even find something you need or have been hunting for.

If you’re just too lazy or unable to transport your goods yourself, there are places that will come and get the donations from your curbside or home at no charge. Here are just a few of the many:

Salvation Army

Lions Club International

Lupus Foundation

Easter Seals


– Clothing

– Misc. household items

– Cookware

– Unopened first aid supplies

– Educational Textbooks

– Camping supplies

* Special thanks to Alyssa at the Elk River, MN Salvation Army (one of my favorite thrift joints) for her insider help and info!


One response to “Top Things To Donate To A Thrift Store

  1. I’d also like to add that in the greater Washington, DC metro area you can also call Purple Heart, the National Children’s Center, or AmVets and ask to get added to their call list for pickups. Once you get added they’ll call you every 8 weeks or so to see if you have anything ready to pick up. We leave a bag in our closet and put things in it whenever we find them and then do a bigger sweep a couple nights before our assigned pick up date.

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