“Find A Better Stash Spot” or “Random Smatterings”

It’s been a while since I’ve done an old school post with actual Things I’ve Found (in thrift stores). There’s quite a smattering – so here goes: I found some stuff that I’ve already re-sold, like that vintage Magnus chord organ (bought for $10, I’m not saying what it sold for!)

Also nabbed an old Boo Berry toy bank from the 1970’s ($1.99) Boo Berry was and still is my favorite kid’s cereal. I found a vinyl 12″ LP too awesome to pass up. German dance/punk from 1982? HELL YES. Some band on the canadian label Yul Records called Rational Youth. I took a small chance on it because I dug the artwork ($.99) and it’s really really rad. Check them out on iTunes when you get a chance. There’s a railroad book in there ($2.99) with some really good illustrations and old railroad posters.

My two favorite absorption’s this week were my little squirrel planter ($1.99). I needed some greenery on my desk at work so I bought that cute lil guy, he reminds me of the reckless and hilarious red squirrel I have living in my backyard. I put a little spider plant in there. The second is that Red Owl sewing kit. I didn’t technically thrift this as my grandmother donated it to me, but I wanted to show it anyways. I grew up being slowly pushed  through Red Owl from that upper kid’s seat in the shopping cart, strange comforts can be found in grocery stores as a kid. All those colors, shapes, packages calling out to you. Probably threw a few tantrums to get some Boo Berry. As a designer it just doesn’t get any better than that logo, man I love it. One of the best logos of all time.

– – – –

The Star Tribune reports on SOME DUMBASS: In Marietta, Ohio – Police said whoever donated a water jug to a charity in southeast Ohio probably didn’t mean to be so generous. The jug contained about $1,500 worth of marijuana. Police said workers at a local Goodwill Industries site recently found four bags of marijuana when they looked inside a water jug left outside by an anonymous donor. They turned the two-gallon metal jug and the pound or so of marijuana over to police on Friday. Marietta police Capt. Jeff Waite said the jug is probably an antique. He said authorities would be more than happy for the jug’s donor to come forward and claim it. (Thanks Jess).

– – – –

From one Pyrex/GlasBake fan to another – great collection man! Seattle’s own John Pashek elicits some jealousy right here with an incredible photo set of his Pyrex cookware collection.

– – – –

A TIFATTS fan from sunny San Diego sent in this link a while back. It’s cuddly stuffed animatronic toys, without all the fluffy cuddly stuff. Some really creepy shit in here. An excellent art project idea simply made from thrift store stuffed animals.

– – – –

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3 responses to ““Find A Better Stash Spot” or “Random Smatterings”

  1. Oh.My.God. BooBerry! That was my favorite cereal back in the 70’s when I was a kid. Seriously! I actually bought a box this past Halloween when I saw it in Target and relived my childhood for a moment:) And it was wonderful.

    We are heading up your way this weekend doing a family Christmas thing. I don’t know if there will be any thrifting or not, but either way will be good to be back in Mpls again!

  2. Perhaps the jug-o-weed was an ill-timed drop-off for another employee. What kind of pothead doesn’t check all his containers all the time just in case he stashed his stash in a paranoid moment?

    Hypothetically, of course.

  3. Actually, Carly sent me that link to the article about the pot. Carly has her own blog as a writer for the Examiner about graffiti news. I will take this moment to put her on blast. http://www.examiner.com/x-29467-Graffiti-Examiner?cid=examiner-email
    Thanks Carly!

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