How To Start A Thrift Store With Culley Donovan

Screen shot 2009-10-24 at 10.24.57 PM

We check out Minneapolis’ newest thrift store Lost & Found. Co-owner Culley Donovan gives us the inside scoop on what it takes to start and get a thrift store off the ground and gives us an interesting in-store tour. Culley turned his passion for thrifting into one of the best thrift stores Minneapolis has to offer or that frankly, I’ve ever been in. It has a little bit of everything, all hand-picked gems by the man himself – check it out! See the video here. (18 mins.)

5 responses to “How To Start A Thrift Store With Culley Donovan

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  2. he never says where he gets all of his stuff, does he?

    • Hey Frank, great suggestion! I’ll try to include the how much and where into my future posts. The camera bag was picked up at the downtown Minneapolis salvation army for $2.99. The bottle opener was found for $0.25 on a garage sale this Fall, and the camera stand was found (I think) at the Elk River salvation army for $.50.

      A lot of the time I don’t remember the particular store due to hitting up a few in a day, or “powerthrifting” as I call it.

      Keep thrifting~


  3. I mean Culley. Did he buy all of his stuff in bulk from a wholesaler, or pick it from other thrifts or? I missed that part of the listening comprehension exam 😦

    • Culley mentions in the video that he picked up the majority of his stuff slowly, bit-by-bit. When I visited him in San Fran his apartment was a virtual labyrinth of thrift goods. He basically slowly hoarded a bunch of stuff until moving back here and finding the right space to open the store.

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