Don’t Dwell On It – Act On Your Passion!


EXTRA LIGHT THRIFTING week on my end. Lots of stuff going on this Fall. Fall is when most businesses slough off the last of their peeling suntans and kick it back into high gear. I managed to score a small stack of Dwell magazines for $2 each. It’s one of my top 3 favorite publications of all time. A little design, a little architecture, a little product design thrown in for good measure, just all around good, idea sparking reading. Check it out here and get a subscription whydont’cha.

SLIGHTLY OFF TOPIC: I’d like to mention/PLUG something for all you readers. About 2 years ago I was laid off for a few months from my 9-5 design job and started just going to thrift stores. Simply because I had the time to do it and because I’m pretty keen on spotting shit that resells for good coin. I lived very comfortably doing this for a full time job those few months. That’s what initially spawned this blog. During that time, I also discovered a dude named Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is this crazy, A.D.D. north-Jersey guy who has a great wine video blog (Vlog?). I can honestly say that Gary’s passion for his lo-fi Vlog helped keep me motivated to get going and act on my passion of kickin around thrift shops and supporting myself when I didn’t have steady income. It’s amazing what a person can find out about themselves when faced with a bout of unemployment. He’s recently come out with a book that I’m almost done reading called “CRUSH IT: Why Now Is Time To Cash In On Your Passion.” So far it’s exactly like Gary, direct, motivating, and funny. You can pick it up here from as well. It’s people like Gary that emit hustle and motivate followers to act on their passions in life. So as the nights get longer and the fleeting daylight sucks your energy level, pick up this lil’ book for a shot of literary espresso. You won’t be disappointed – trust me.

3 responses to “Don’t Dwell On It – Act On Your Passion!

  1. Where did you sell your finds? Online? I wish I’d been as pro-active as you… wanted to sell my thrift finds this summer when I was unemployed but just never got motivated enough to open up an etsy store. I also feel like there’s probably less competition in Minneapolis than Chicago for people trawling the thrift stores to resell items. I’ve been sticking to estate sales lately here as the thrift stores have gotten really picked over in the last year or so. 😦

  2. I think you can get dwell cheaper on ebay (last time I checked) I pick up magazines all the time from yard sales.

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