A Thrifting Trip To the Ax-Man Surplus Store

**UPDATE** I few weeks ago we did a post about “10 Important Tips for Having A Yard Sale“. This was all because my mother was about to have her annual Fall garage sale in her neighborhood. She usually has my grandmother and a few other good friends put some stuff on the sale, but it’s at least 50% her stuff. With the sale completed she was proud to announce that the sale’s overall total brought in just over $2025. That’s nothing to sneeze at folks. So the next time you think having a yard sale is a waste of time and effort just remember that it could pay off your car or afford you a couple months of mortgage payments.

ON WITH THE SHOW – So I made a trip out to my favorite Ax-Man surplus store today. I was surprised to find out that Ax-man is a Twin Cities area-only chain with 3 locations. I was at first hesitant to do a post about my Ax-Man trip since I figured it’s not a true “thrift store” but in many circles, this is truest of all “thrift stores.” They have the weirdest most unexpected “stuff.” Something I only recently noticed was the insane amount of awesome vintage packaging and products they have there. Pictured above is just a sampling of my favorites I saw. Check out those electron tube boxes – so cool. Oh, and all you poor art students should go take a look at the surplus portfolio cases they got in, great for transporting your work or storing it, for about 1/4 the cost of buying a new one online. One final tip: old license plates smell a lot like B.O., remember to bring along your little bottle of Purell or some sanitary hand wipes.

More soon!


2 responses to “A Thrifting Trip To the Ax-Man Surplus Store

  1. Saw the post on draplin.com, nice work chief. You inspired me to go to axman and i picked up one of those sweet portfolios to put my collages in. good stuff. we should do some thrifting again one of these days. found some funky ones in my new north mpls hood. rats off to ya!

  2. There’s no place like AxMan when you need some creepy doll heads or a Huggy Jesus.

    Huggy Jesus


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