Sun Tea and Dinosaur Rummy

Scored a small but very cool stash this weekend. More gems to sell on my Etsy page. Including a hand-stitched  set of cross stitch art ($.99 each). Kinda cutesy. Kinda cheesy. You decide.

Second of all, I’ve been making a lot of Kombucha Tea lately. So I was lacking a way to serve and store it. When I found in a YouTube video that those vintage Sun Tea jars with the dispenser spigot make for the best way to keep it in your fridge. It took me 3 weeks to finally find some non-corny versions of those vintage Sun Tea jars, check out the  pics of the ones I gnabbed, real pretty. The jars were each $3.99, sort of steep but those things are hard to find!

I also randomly found (in the book section) a small set of vintage dinosaur rummy cards ($.99). All of the illustrations are done in clay and set in sort of cheesy prehistoric dinosaur scenes. Set of 32 – all there. Count them before you leave the store to be sure they’re all there folks.

Lastly, I picked up another Frank McCourt book ($.99), first one Angela’s Ashes is real good. I sort of came in late on the whole Mr. McCourt thing.


One response to “Sun Tea and Dinosaur Rummy

  1. Great blog. I like how you incorporate photos and tips. Very informative!

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