In A Rare Move


Check out this pikachu freak I googled in the pic above. Imagine going on a date, dinner, movie, back to her place to see her HORRIFYING pikachu collection. I can hear the tires squealing now.

I came across this quick article that nails it on the head. It’s something that I contemplate quite often. I do buy a lot of superfluous stuff I don’t really need. Let me counter that with saying at least 40% of the items I thrift or buy are for other people or for resale. Thrifting for 15 years has left me with a sharp eye for what sells on the eBay and Etsy, I call that just plain sharp scoutin’. Take a gander here.

To pair with this article’s intent, a couple of folks that I know (some with actual obsessive collecting issues) are having a yard sale soon. Good shit, rare vinyl and VHS, jam boxes, etc. Dont miss out.


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