Shane gets crossed out.

Serious book update 4.0

I’ve been finding a lot of books here & there, what can I say. I think because as I age and as a designer, I’m utilizing these piles of books more than I ever thought I would. There was a time not too long ago, when I considered posting a massive craigslist ad telling folks I was an ex-designer selling all his books for dirt cheap. Reason mainly being is I really hate moving these things. I’ve got at least 8 of those Rubbermaid bins full of them. Those are the bins you got to watch and make sure mom or pops doesn’t try and hoist or it could put them out for the count. Go click around, I’m not gonna detail every book I found, but some are old some are newer, all are cool. All the books were between $.75 – 2.50. Oh and check out the scrawls in some of them, pretty funny stuff, John wasn’t having it that Shane marked his territory in John’s book, John crossed him out. If this were Oakland, that type of behavior starts gang feuds – and gets your face cut.

Books arent all that I found, I gnabbed a cool Chicago mug (again) for my buddy Joe over at Overproof. I found a ton of blank t-shirts (puts my total count somewhere around 300 is my guess). Finally, I absorbed a box of those cool manila “book pockets.” You know, those old things in the front of old library books that held that stamp card… About 250 of them. I’m thinking I wanna do something with a 7″ cover design and utilize them like that somehow. Who knows. The box of them were $2.50


One response to “Shane gets crossed out.

  1. I want that train book. and the dinosaur book. inspired by your findings i’ve been digging up some gold of my own over on my flickr page.

    rat’s off to ya!

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