Recycled Water Bottle Phone and the Vintage Denim Hunter.

patterson-1029756-1233952292 vintage-levis-bret-eaton

It’s 2009 and Motorola drops some HOPE on us – the first recycled phone made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s not the coolest phone as far as new/techy features but has all the basic and necessary ones average folks use most. Check it out.

Also,  I found this incredibly interesting article on a guy named Brit Eaton who hunts old western ghost towns, farms, and old rickety structures for forgotten denim, shirts, and other old artifacts. Peep this video here. And here is a more in-depth print article on the man himself. I can totally identify with this guy in my itch for thrifting and hunting for stuff. This dude takes it to the extreme, I’m sort of jealous he gets to do what he does – for a living! Print article and video short links here lifted from

I haven’t had much time to hit the stores lately. So next week I’m sure the itch will overcome me and I’ll hit up some spots. I mean, you gotta let the good stuff build up right?


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