Go on, say it girl.


One of my favorite blogs, and frankly one of the only blogs I’ve consistently read for over FIVE years now has been here. It’s Chicago’s own Jessica Hopper. Real good almost-daily reading, rants, and cast of characters. She comes in with a wonderful idea. I once had a semi-similar idea like this ‘cept mine is for mix-cd’s you bring to venues or record conventions. Put your freshly made mixtape in the box > Take a fresh one > Repeat at next show. Check it out and bookmark her blog!

How about instead of the next handmade market or craft market blow out at The Bottle or AV/Aerie, instead of everyone bringing all their purses or magnets or freshly knit soapdishes or earrings to sell, everyone competent enough brings their sewing machines, or sergers or what have you and people who can’t sew bring their pants they need hemmed or the coat with the buttons coming off it or their bag strap or necklace that they have just been taping together and instead of getting new bullshit, people get their shit fixed. For like $3-5 per item– $10 if you need a new zipper put in or something more intensive like that?” – Jessica Hopper


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