Secret Shopper


Many of you have asked where the best spots are and to be honest, I feel its a personal decision based upon what the person is hunting for or prefers. Some of the thrift store chains are meticulously organized, and some are a helter-skelter heap of self-digging pleasure. I personally prefer the less organized stores like Salvation Army. Salv-Army has a small amount of organization but in general its more “clumped” sections of stuff, and this works just fine. Some of the larger chains like (Unique) are completely unorganized aside from their clothing sections. Unique has items spewing randomly from aisles that almost inundate the person’s eyes with shit. This random smattering of choices has made me literally pass through a Unique Thrift aisle 8x and missed certain items, junk store visual overload I tell you. That type of searching is a little too unorganized for me.

I’ve been to thrift stores in almost every state in the USA. Are there thrift stores up in Alaska? If there is – I bet they’re killer. Someday I’ll maybe make the trek. Some of my favorites are in S. California, Massachusetts, and right here in good old Minnesota. Some of the best spots in Minnesota are the ones up north. Here’s a great audio article link from MPR with “thriftstore aficionado” and Moorhead poet Kevin Zepper (pictured above with tacky snow globe).

Before you go, it’s POLL TIME again. Please keep in mind that the options are mostly local MN chains, but there is an option to add in your own answers. We’re excited to hear about some new hotspots! Take the poll, you know you want to.


One response to “Secret Shopper

  1. Hmmm, we don’t have Savers or Unique Thrift around here, although I’ve read alot about Savers from others’ blogs. We do, however, have Volunteers of America, Ohio Thrift, and Village Discount Outlet. I really like Salvation Army and Volunteers of America.

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