About a blog.

Hello everybody, this is my first post for a very simple idea I have – THINGS I FOUND (at the thrift store). I’m a quasi-minimalist/utilitarian and don’t buy many things in general. Let me make it clear that this blog is in no way a homage to consumerism or the purchasing of shit we don’t necessarily need. Thrifting, I believe is a wonderful way to give an item a second chance.

I am a 26 year old bachelor whom lives in a 2-bedroom apartment in lovely Minneapolis, MN. My roommate is a handsome lil fellow – a cat named Wynstynnn “Rudyhuxtable” Peddycoart. I tell you this because my age and living situation lends me to occasionally purchase needed things for living and utilitarian decor. This is a visual documentation of the things I find and buy – enjoy!


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